Welcome to www.railab.me - a site where I share my passion for mechatronics engineering, with a specific focus on embedded systems and electronics.

I'm Mateusz, better known on the Internet as raiden00.

I love freedom, engineering, and an active lifestyle. I don't appreciate statism, shitty engineering, and intellectual property nonsense.

This place serves as a space to share my ideas, follow my work, and recount my experiences. The source code of the website can be found here.

I'm a big advocate of decentralization and localism; thus, you'll find topics here about open source, desktop manufacturing, automation, and DIY.

For as long as I can remember, I've been passionate about various forms of engineering. I've delved into chemistry and pyrotechnics, explored the world of high voltages and high energies, constructed CNC machines, and engaged in gardening and plant breeding (with a focus on carnivorous plants and chili peppers).

My current interest lies mainly in embedded systems. However, through this blog, I aspire to revisit and explore other exciting engineering fields and ideas. Let's see what happens :)

On a daily basis, I work with Apache NuttX RTOS as an independent contractor and just for fun. Therefore, you can expect content related to this topic.

And this is me