Segger RTT as an interface for NuttX NxScope library

One of my favorite things when working with Segger J-Link is RTT support which significalntly improves my debugging experience. With a single interface (one USB cable), I can run:

  • RTT serial console to communicate with the target

  • SystemView to capture system events

  • gdb for general debugging

The latest addition to this list is real-time data streaming with the NuttX NxScope library and RTT channel as a communication interface. This feature is supported with nxscli tool since version 0.5.1. Now we can visualize and debug complex data relations much more simpler.

This post discusses how to configure the NxScope example with NuttX to work over an RTT channel with an RTT serial console and SystemView support.

For demonstration, we use Nordic nRF52832-DK board with a built-in J-Link OB interface, so there is no need to connect any external device.

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Hello, world!

Hello, world!

Let's see what the website design looks like and how to use the rST with Nikola. You probably won't find anything particularly interesting here.

Any tips and comments regarding the appearance of the website are welcome.

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